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Hazardous waste management

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A licence for hazardous waste management

Permit code:: PAS30011

Collection of hazardous waste; storage of hazardous waste; disposal of hazardous waste; recovery of hazardous waste.
Procedure for granting the authorisation
Actions required
By taking a decision of whether or not a license for hazardous waste management should be granted and whether or not an annex to the license should be adjusted, the following shall be undertaken: 1. Upon receiving an application, a Regional Environmental Protection Department, in the controlled territory of which the enterprise is pursuing its activities, shall be requested to submit information about whether or not the enterprise is compliant with Paragraph 33.4 of the Hazardous Waste Management Licensing Rules approved by Order No. 684 of the Minister of Environment of the Republic of Lithuania of 19 December 2003.<0} If the REPD provides information about the incompliance with the rules by the enterprise, a decision shall be taken not to issue a license for hazardous waste management and not to adjust the annex to the license. If the REPD provides information about the compliance with the aforementioned rules by the enterprise, the documents obtained shall be assessed to find out if they are in line with the requirements, a license shall be granted and the annex to the license shall be adjusted. If the documents attached to the application do not comply with the requirements, a license shall not be issued and the annex to it shall not be adjusted and the enterprise shall be notified about the shortcomings identified. 2. A decision concerning the suspension of a license, the cancellation of suspension and the cancellation of the license shall be taken after receiving the information from the REPD and examining it to find out whether or not the enterprise is compliant with the conditions of the licensed activities or it has rectified the identified infringements. 3. The information about the issuance of licenses, their suspension and cancellation of suspension shall be published in the information supplement "Informaciniai pranešimai" to the Official Gazette "Valstybės žinios" and shall be communicated to the Legal Entities' Register and regional environmental protection departments. 4. A payment transfer with banking marks or a receipt verifying that a state fee of the established amount has been paid shall be submitted upon receiving the license.

Licenses to enterprises are issued, annexes are adjusted or a motivated refusal is are given to issue a license or issue its annexes not later than within 30 days following the receipt of documents required for the issuance of a license or adjustment of annexes.

144 Eur

Required Documents
An enterprise willing to receive a license for hazardous waste management shall submit an application form of the established form and data about hazardous waste envisaged for management. Along with the application to receive a license, the following copies of the documents shall be submitted in line with the established procedure: - a copy of the IPPC permit along with copies of the waste usage or disposal technical regulations, a copy of the termination plan for waste usage or disposal activities and a copy of the bank guarantee or insurance policy; Copies of the IPPC permit and the plan for termination of the waste management activities shall not be submitted if pursuant to the Law on Waste Management these documents are not required for the pursued activities; - a copy of the insurance policy for the activity; - copies of qualification attestation certificates; - a document (certificate) signed by an enterprise manager and verified by the enterprise stamp certifying that the employees, the copies of whose qualification attestation certificates are submitted, are employed in the enterprise willing to receive a license or a copy of an employment contract concluded, in line with established procedure, with another person entitled to perform hazardous waste management works; - a declaration (of a free form), certified by the enterprise manager and the enterprise stamp verifying that during the submission of the application the enterprise has not violated any hazardous waste management requirements and has met all the commitments related to the payment of taxes under the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania or the country in which it has been registered.
Competent authorities
Controlling authorities
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