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Updated: 2014-10-30 11:00

Tips from Entrepreneurs

Tips given by the owner of SOHO beauty parlour:

  1. Before starting your own business, one should ask himself/herself the following key questions: "how?", "why?", and "where?"
  2. "Homework" and time planning are very important both before starting business and when already carrying out business.
  3. Before launching business, one should describe future customers in terms of age group, incomes, lifestyle, should draw customer's portrait.
  4. Interior design, equipment must satisfy the target audience's expectations, the portrait of the target customer.
  5. Assessment of staff competences and excellence requires time - it is very important to recruit highly-competent people at the very early stage of the business.
  6. There are not bad cosmetic products. They either suit you or they don’t. There are thousands of cosmetics manufacturers, offering something more advantageous than their competitors (in terms of price, quality, result).
  7. When customers are given more than they expected, they start recommending you to the others - thus naturally building an advertising channel. Sincere and professional work is the best advertising.

For more information and advice, please send inquiries to the following contacts available on the webpage: http://www.sohosalon.lt/lt/kontaktai


Tips from the representative of Ti Amo beauty parlour:

  1. Before starting this type of business, it is important to think about the location, financial resources, exclusiveness, staff of a hairdresser's/beauty shop.
  2. When choosing the location, the competitors present in the territory and layout of premises must be taken into consideration, whether the premises satisfy your needs and the requirements applied to the premises. When choosing the location, it is advisable to consider your friends' opinion, whether they find the location conveniently accessible, whether they like the layout and the surroundings. Friend's opinion does not cost anything, anyway!
  3. Beauty parlour is the business that requires more than huge desire, it is very important to consider all expenses, starting from detergents and finishing with monthly maintenance costs of the premises. One should asses one's possibilities and plan expenses and expected profit, how much incomes must be earned to be worth working.
  4. Equipment and cosmetic products can be searched on foreign markets.
  5. The style of a beauty shop does not necessarily determine its success. Quality of services and open and friendly communication with customers play the central role.
  6. Probably the most crucial factor of successful beauty salon or hairdresser's is staff. Professional expert, representing the salon, creates value for it and builds a circle of loyal customers.
  7. It takes at least six months for a young specialist to consolidate on the market and to create a circle of his/her customers.
  8. To prevent big staff rotation, staff motivation is a crucial tool. First of all, the most important motivation must be sincere communication of the team, team decision-making and simplicity. It is followed by various training courses, qualification improvement and corporate events.
  9. Employee's "binding" through legal measures (contracts, obligations) is not the best way for maintaining the employee. It may cause more problems than bring benefits.
  10. The best source of advertising is customers. In this kind of business, customers' recommendations bring the best advantages and attract new customers. It is also important to ensure that a customer feels good, at home in the salon.
  11. Advice: to learn from every single mistake, and to accept every single challenge as an opportunity.

The author of the advice - representative of Ti Amo beauty salon Gytautas Čilinskas. Website of the beauty parlour: http://tiamo.lt/.


Tips from the owner of Alaus Kolonėlė bar:

  1. If you are planning of having the sign of a café or bar mounted outside, start from obtaining outdoor advertising permit, as it takes a lot of time.
  2. We recommend choosing the licence for selling all types of spirits (Licence for retail trade in alcoholic beverages), as the requirements and the price of the licence are the same.
  3. When completing documents for food business operator's certificate, describe your business in great details to prevent any misunderstandings regarding business activities in the future (e.g., consumption of food and beverages in the café or takeaway).