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What information will you obtain by answering the questions in Business permits

Answering the questions you will learn about licenses/permits required for your type of business. You may submit the required documentation to the relevant institution via Safe Message Box. You will also be informed on the EU requirements applicable to your business. 

Grocery store

Catering services

Haidresser, beauty salon

and others

This questionnaire is designed for people planning to launch own business or for those who have recently started their business. Answering a series of questions designed to define the type of your business you‘ll learn about the requirements you need to meet in order to pursue your business. The questionnaire includes requirements for an entrepreneur who has already established an enterprise or obtained a business licence/individual business activity certificate prior to obtaining special licenses/permits. 

What information will you obtain by answering questions in General requirements?

To find out what licenses/permits are required for your business, we advise you to complete another questionnaire „Your Business Licences“. 

Requirements are divided into four main areas: 

-  Financial accounting. 

- Requirements for premises of the current or anticipated business. 

- Requirements for employees (e.g. social insurance of employees, compulsory health checks, etc.) 

- Other requirements (e.g. on waste management).

All questionnaires:


Grocery store


Clothing, shoe store

Souvenirs, books, jewellery store

Flower shop

Antique, consignment shop

Catering services

Haidresser, beauty salon

Art, photographers gallery

Countryside tourism, guest houses

Training, Curricular activities

IT business, e-commerce


Household services

Repair services

Terms for placing construction products

on the market of the republic of Lithuania