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Updated: 2014-09-09 10:35

Search for partners

Once the export market is selected, a question arises how your products could be merchandised on the market concerned, which partners should be chosen. Therefore, it is important to consider the opportunities of potential trading partners. 

Enterprise Lithuania having analysed peculiarities of search for foreign companies has developed a new exporters database. Once you are on this database, you will gain better awareness and competitive advantages: companies registered on the database are recommended by Enterprise Lithuania to foreign companies interested in and looking for partners in Lithuania, information is distributed through representatives operating in foreign countries, as well as at the events organised by Enterprise Lithuania.

Clustering is:

·         promotion of business and research entities to join into clusters and activation of the existing clusters development

·         promotion of cluster internationalisation and initiatives of SME joining international clusters

·         Development of incentives for business internationalisation in innovations and partnership - propagation of Lithuanian innovations and R&D potential