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Updated: 2014-10-13 16:02

Selling Your Business

Selling a company is a process, during which a newly established company that has not carried out any activities yet and is fully prepared for operation (private limited company), is acquired. Selling a newly established company, an agreement on shares purchase-sale is signed, and other necessary documents regarding the change of the owners and head of the sold company, are prepared which need to be submitted to the Centre of Registers.

  • Before starting preparations for business sale, market analysis must be carried out in order to determine whether your business is attractive to buyers, whether there is a big supply of the same type of businesses on the market. In certain cases prolonged period of unprofitable business sale can bring losses and business liquidation should be considered as a better option.
  • In order to establish the real value of business, seeking experts' advice is recommended. Prepare detailed information about your business, including the existing assets, human resources, contracts in progress and other liabilities for potential buyers