Company self-control system

Permit code:: PAS28365

The aim of company self-control - is to achieve the operation of company internal self-control, explain the important food safety stages and guarantee the settlement, operation, improvement, maintenance and supervision of food safety procedures: market analysis execution, determination of food handling stages where food can become unsafe, the settlement of its management points where the continuous and periodical safety surveillance and management are carried out. With regard to the complexity of the activity, the company may have to apply the Risk factor analysis and critical management points system or general hygiene practice rules.
Procedure for granting the authorisation
Actions required
1. You shall have to handle food, applying the individual Risk factor analysis and critical management points (hereinafter - RFACMP) system, based on the provisions of Article 5 of the Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council, or voluntarily use the provisions of Article 8 of the Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council, meeting the requirements for the basic good hygiene practice rules (RFACMP principle application). 2. Food business operators managing small quantities of non-perishable food - who do not produce, process or prepare food - are not obliged to apply the self control system based on the RFACMP principles, but must comply with other food hygiene requirements, set out in the hygiene standard HN 15:2005 "Food hygiene” (see and in other legislation. This reservation should be applied to the following food handling places: - kiosks, temporary premises (such as tents), grocery and other packaged non-perishable food shops, small goods machines, storages, food markets; - food transportation or sale vehicles, carts, food deliverers; - beverage trading places, cafes, bars; - other food handling places, conforming to the indicated criteria. 3. You may prepare your own self-control system, but it is generally recommended to use good hygiene practice rules prepare and published by UAB "Adinfinitum" so that all necessary points would be prepared. This instrument is recommended as an auxiliary tool - clearly and precisely defines the way the activity is to be operated in order to maintain safety and hygiene. 4. Individual RFACMP system is required for the entities operating complex and specific activity, not standard and not defined in the rules for good hygiene practice (e.g. production of dock soup preserves require the dock to be washed before processing, but the procedure is not included in the general rules, therefore the individual system formation is necessary). It is used in large production companies (e.g. meat product large scale companies). System is composed freely, but it must comply with all standards in the legislation applicable to specific production. There are no specific criteria for companies that should be obliged to draw the individual plan (we suggest to consult institutions indicated in the contact list). 5. RFACMP system or general good hygiene practice rules must be approved by the company director.


Price (including AVT): 1 unit - EUR 57; 2 - 5 units - EUR 52; 6 units and more - EUR 43

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